Why Invest?

AVX is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of a vast portfolio of advanced electronic components, including: capacitors, inductors, filters, resistors, couplers, diodes, and circuit protection devices, as well as a broad range of innovative sensor, control, interconnect and antenna solutions. With 29 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries around the world, AVX offers significant competitive advantages, including delivery and production capabilities optimized to suit each individual customer’s just-in-time inventory requirements, and global engineering teams experienced in developing new-to-market product solutions especially designed to fulfill customer’s unique application requirements.

AVX has successfully served the automotive, industrial, medical, military, consumer electronics, communications, and transportation markets for nearly 50 years. In the automotive sector, AVX actively contributes to the development of new safety, engine control, infotainment, and chassis control technologies. In the medical sector, advanced AVX products provide critical support for a wide range of implantable, life-supporting, treatment, imaging, and diagnostic devices, including pacemakers that regulate patients’ heartbeats, cochlear implants that provide audio input for the hearing-impaired, and diagnostic equipment that helps medical professionals identify and cure patients’ ailments. In the communications sector, our accomplished research and development (R&D) teams regularly anticipate needs and adapt and innovate products to support the explosive growth of next-generation technologies spanning smartphones and tablets to networks and datacenters.

Backed by decades of in-depth R&D, AVX products also provide critical enabling support for a wide variety of green technologies designed to conserve existing energy resources and create dependable, affordable electronic systems capable of effectively harnessing renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. High-reliability AVX components are at the forefront of countless products that are helping to ensure that both this generation and generations to come will benefit from cleaner, greener technologies designed to preserve and protect the environment, ranging from clean power generation and conversion systems to hybrid and electric vehicles in the personal and commercial vehicle and mass transportation markets, including cars, trucks, trams, and trains.

AVX has an abundance of patents, continues to invest heavily in R&D, and submits several new patent applications every year to further expand the company’s strong technology base with newly innovated, next-generation product solutions.

AVX is also committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations, and continuously satisfies that goal through the successful implementation of the company’s corporate mission and vision statements.

The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

Mission Statement

AVX will be recognized as the premier strategic partner for passive components and interconnect solutions throughout the electronic industry by providing products, technologies, and design services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations for quality and reliability in a timely, cost-effective, efficient, and professional manner.

Vision Statement

AVX will fulfill its commitment to building a successful, celebrated organization by focusing on continuous improvement and consistently exceeding customer expectations.

We will foster a zero-defect quality culture with the objective of developing, manufacturing, and delivering products and services that are trusted and preferred by our customers. We will continuously challenge ourselves to improve our quality management systems, prevent quality incidents, and eliminate defects through the rigorous review of quality objectives and results. AVX will also encourage all employees and third-party partners to participate in, promote, and feel personally responsible for providing the highest-quality products possible by enacting thoughtful standards, clearly communicating expectations and best practices, and both offering and incentivizing education, training, and coaching services, along with any other resources necessary to consistently achieve optimal quality.

We will treat our customers with respect, and will hold ourselves accountable for fulfilling the commitments we make to them while complying with all relevant laws, regulations, and internal requirements.

Our history of innovation across an unparalleled portfolio of advanced passive components, sensors, controls, and interconnect solutions will continue to be developed, expanded, and improved upon to continue solving tomorrow’s design challenges today.